Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Winnie the Pooh themed quilt/quillo No. 2 (2)

I managed to get a little more done to my quillo today.  I have completed all the squares now and joined them together with the tigger fabric.  I have also added a white trim to the edge of quilt.

I intend using the black to bind the whole quilt together once I have finished.

I also embroidered what will essentially be the front of the cushion cover and used this delightful little tigger & Pooh embroidery (this is so sweet).

I think/hope I have some soft fleece fabric that I can use for the backing for this quilt, if I have then I should be able to finish this tomorrow ready for when the baby arrives in the next 7-10 days, if not I will have to ask my friend to pick some up on her way over on Friday, because I am still housebound (and shouldn't really be doing this either). I go upstairs do about an hour, then go and sit/lay down for an hour.................

I have calculated that each piece of embroidery has taken approximately 1 hour each. and I am guessing that cutting the strips, and piecing everything together has taken 7 hours. So for a project like this you are looking at approximately 20-21 hours in total.

Fingers crossed tomorrow's post will be the last on this little project.

Catch you later............................


  1. I love your "little project". It reminds me of when our children were babies. They had a Pooh themed nursery. I do love the embroidery. But I am not sure how you get the free designs. Do you have to buy some first????

    You must be feeling better as you are doing some sewing. That is wonderful. You will soon feel as good as new.

  2. Ann, yes I did have to buy some first and once you bought some, you were allowed to purchase some of the designs priced at $0 each but there was a limit to how many you could have for free. I guess these ones must be discontinued or something, I am not sure.