Sunday, 11 March 2012

Chanel Jacket - P's journey (2 tissue and muslin fitting)

Front view
 The first stage of my Chanel journey was to cut out the pattern pieces, iron them with a warm (non-steam) iron and then pin the front, back and side pieces together to tissue fit on me and Edna seen here in these photos.
Back view

Once I was satisfied with the tissue fit, I then cut out the main pattern pieces in some muslin (purchased from Ikea).  I sewed the pieces together using a long stitch so that if I need to unpick any of the seams it can be done easily.

As you can see here there is a little gap at the bottom front of the muslin which indicates that I need to amend the front of the jacket so that the front edges hang down straight without the gap.

I am tempted to put in an FBA (which I normally do), so I need to experiment with this before I cut my fashion fabric.

More later, bye for now.


  1. What fun, pdiddly! I too am making a Coco jacket. It is so involved, isn't it? Nothing quick and dirty. But then she had minions of worker bees making all these perfect little stitches on her divine jacket. I'll enjoy watching your progress.

    PS - thank you for the blogger award. I need to reread what you sent me to see what I'm to do. You are so kind.

  2. Martha re the blogger award you are welcome - good luck with your Coco jacket - like you say its not quick and I am trying to take my time on this.