Sunday, 25 March 2012

Knitting is Trendy & I finished my chunky jacket.

Its official, knitting is trendy again, and no longer considered a pastime for grannies.  Famous names such as SJP and Russel Crow, are all doing it, so despite being a grandmother myself, I am knitting too so I guess can now consider myself trendy ha ha.

Well I think I have broken my all time record and knitted a chunky jacket in 2 days and here is the end result.

 I confess that I was attracted to the texture of the yarn, however because its a big chunky jacket, it looks big and chunky, so not the most slimming garment I have knitted lol.

Still it will be cosy when I want to snuggle up in something warm, so not all is lost.

I have quite a bit of wool left over because this came as a pack to cater for sizes small (the size I knitted ) to large so I will have to think of something to knit.  At the moment cushions came to mind - as I said with the combination of the feather wool and the other two mixed together, its quite a tactile fabric.

Ok, knitting finished, my D Mike just left to catch a flight to Germany so I now need to start my next project - another memento cushion for my other friend's baby.

Catch you later......................


  1. Nice sweater that will keep you warm on cool days. I am sure you will enjoy it.

    Knitting is trendy and there are celebs who knit. But what amazed me was a CBC commentary on a positive prison program that has a huge waiting list. The men are knitting, singing, and doing wheel chair repairs to name a few as they do their time. These guys don't have time to fight and should have some skills to take to the outside when they are released. I know they aren't hard core criminals but it does show something IMO.

  2. This looks soooo cuddly!!! Love how the front band is plain to showcase the wool. Was it difficult knitting 3 strands at once???????

  3. Doobee, it was really easy, however once or twice the feather wool which was really fine sometimes fell out of my fingers and I found I had knitted one or two stitches without it.

    Ann, my father actually taught me to knit, but my mother was really fantastic and would knock out intricate work really quickly.

  4. I don't know what surprised me more....... that you could knit that beautiful sweater in two days or the Russel Crow knits! .... love your sweater :)

  5. I have to say, I was surprised about Russel Crow knitting too.