Sunday, 11 March 2012

children, puppies and quilts and knitting.

Babies and puppies

Alana and Bentley both came to visit today and they decided they wanted to play outside in the beautiful sunshine we had today, giving us a promise of spring days to come.  This photograph of them really reminds me once again when my children were little and we had our great danes.

Alana is getting more confident when she is around Bentley now - and she even laughs at him when he is bouncing around playing.


Last night I finished another of the netted scarves.  I purchased a couple of balls of wool for my D Mike's mother as a little birthday gift, as she had admired a friend's scarf recently and expressed a desire to knit one, so I also purchased mysel some more for myself and knitted this lemon one last night.  Here are both scarves I knitted together.

Embroidered quilts

Friday and Saturday I finished the quilt I am making for my friend's daughter for her baby due next Friday.  This was an opportunity for me to try out my walking foot on my Bernina and it certainly did make stitching through 3 layers of fabric much easier.

The last quilt I made I used the BSR foot to create the pattern for my quilting, but this time I just used the walking foot to stitch around each of the squares.

This is the end result and the quilt has been finished with a black bias-binding.

The last part of this quilt is to attach the cushion to the back of the quilt to turn this into a quillow.  To create the pillow part I made another embroidered square, added the lemon, black and white boarder to it.  I then cut a 14" square to back the quilt which I sewed right-sides together and then turned it right-side out.  I inserted some wadding inside the cushion, and quilted it.

To attach to the quilt, put the cushion square right-side down to the wrong side of the quilt and sew to the back of the quilt using invisible stitches so it doesn't show on the right-side of the quilt.

This is what you get:-
The quillow

first part of quilt pulled out

whole quilt pulled out 

I didn't actually use these instructions, but found a downloadable pdf  document giving instructions on making a quillow if you want to convert an existing quilt into a quillow or make your own one

Catch you later...................


  1. Wow! You have been busy girl. No wonder you missed blogging for a few days. Fabulous quillow for the baby. Aren't walking feet wonderful to use? I love mine.

  2. Those scarves look so delicate and pretty. Winnie the Pooh is such a fun theme for a quilt. Your recipient is sure to love it!

  3. Ann you are right I have missed blogging for few days - I am really pleased with the walking foot - its the first time I have used it.

    Shannon - thanks for your comment - my friend has seen the quilt 90% and thought it was lovely, but am saving it until next week when the baby should arrive until I hand it over.

    Rachel I think I am converted to these quillows now.

  4. I love those scarves. What yarn did you use? I knitted some similar ones, but the ruffle was much larger. Thanks...Anna

  5. Anna

    the lemon scarf was knitted using a wool called Castagnette I found something similar on ebay

  6. thank you - I will check it out!

  7. Hi Pauline! Can you help me please?!! I have some Castagnette yarn, ands a downloaded scarf pattern, showing the technique, but it doesn't seem to say how many stitches to cast on? Any advice please! kind regards, Patsy