Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sewing Expo - Linton Tweed, wool and bra fabric

Yesterday I attended the Sewing Expo at Birmingham's NEC and my co-partner browsing the stands with me was my lovely friend Viv who I met at a speed tailoring course, and is now a great friend.

Both of us had our shopping list, mine included new tweezers for use with my overlocker/serger (I bent the others), some more quilting accessories, fabric from the Linton Tweed stand and anything else that may grab my attention.

Here is some of what I bagged:-

Firstly my Linton Tweed fabric - boy is this stuff fabulous and sadly I haven't had the courage to put scissors to cloth from last year's purchased - but I have a wedding in a few weeks so will have to bite the bullet.

These were both hanging together and were just irresistible.  The colour is almost a duck-egg blue with silver and cream and beige running through it.
I will use my hat that I wore for my son's wedding which is pale blue and I have some fabulous shoes and a bag (also used for my son's wedding) that will match perfectly.

This pretty turquoise boucle  

I Loved this fabric on the right, and is more in keeping with our friend Chanel as its a boucle.  The colour just screamed, fresh, clean and buy me now so I did ha ha.  Then I saw the blue, black and white mix below - yes I know they are all variations of blue but I just loved them.  My other Linton fabric is pink with black and silver and the other black and white so I have a good mix.
Not quite turquoise, more of a blue woven mix

I saw this cardigan hanging on the wall of a stall selling wool and accessories and just loved the texture of the knitted fabric.  Three strands of wool are knitted together on 15mm needles to create the look.  Beige, cream and a feather effect strand.  I started the back last night and finished it this morning (approximately 4 hours, and am already 1/3rd of the way through the first front section so watch this space..

cardigan sample at show
close up of knitted fabric
Spurred on by my recent scarf knitting, I really wanted to make another scarf but using a different texture of yarn.  This stall had loads of beautiful yarn including the one you see below - one ball should make a skinny scarf with tassels.  This too is knitted on very large needles so should be an evening project.

 Lastly, and on my to-do this year list, I purchased a kit to make a bra.  I need to purchase the pattern, and will probably purchase the Kwick Sew
3300 to make this up - wish me luck.

That's all for now - I have ironing and a sewing room to tidy and make space for my new fabric.

Catch you later......................
Kwick Sew 3300


  1. OKAY!!! I am green (or blue) with envy. Wish I could have been there with you too.

    Every piece is beautiful. I would love to make a Chanel jacket to wear with jeans. Dreaming about it. Maybe it needs to be the carrot for me to loose weight.

  2. Your purchases are gorgeous. I love that duck egg blue colour and your Linton tweed in the silvery blue is divine. What are you planning to make with them ? Or will they be just to pad out the stash Ha ha . The Linton tweed factory is only 30 miles from my house. I have yet to purchase but one day when I have the skills.

  3. Gorgeous!!! Jealous to have a sewing expo where you can see and buy these things. You bought awesome fabric from Linton.
    And your first bra kit as well.
    Looking forward to your upcoming projects.

  4. Wow, everything is just exquisite! Oh, how I would love to finger through a display of Linton fabrics. Color me very green with envy.

  5. Sigrid - I'll be looking at your tutorial for the bra making and no doubt dropping you an e.mail.

    My other half and I will be driving to Scotland in a few weeks time, and I want to stop of via Linton Tweed in Carisle - just have to do it don't you. You never know Lisa we may even be driving past the town you live in ha ha.

    I am in love with my fabrics, I just want to do them justice.

  6. Now that was a great days work - superb choices....

  7. I always enjoy sewing expos. I wish Linton was one of the vendors at the shows I attended. You purchased some gorgeous fabrics from them. I am so impressed that you bought the sweater kit and have it finished already!