Sunday, 29 July 2012


I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have finished the last of my D Mike's shirts this evening.  That is 10 shirts since the 15th May this year when I completed the first shirt for his birthday.

Here are the last two shirts ( the one on the left is made from a beautiful Oxford broadcloth, and the one on the rights from a shot satin which hates to be photographed - too shiny).

This has been quite a journey, and there have been ups and downs during this whole process, but on the whole I have really enjoyed making these.  While the deal I made with my D Mike will result in a beautiful designer handbag, in truth I would have been more than happy to do this just for the love of it, because it is a delight that he is so happy to wear something I have made for him.

As regular readers of my blog will know I have been making other things along with these shirts in the last two months, but here are the stats below:-

Pattern used: Kwik Sew 3883

Alterations to pattern:

  • Added back pleats
  • French cuffs
  • Flat felled seams
  • Embroidery
  • Collar stays

Fabric used: 22.5 meters various fabrics

Equipment used:

  • Bernina Aurora 440QE
  • Janome 350e embroidery machine

Machine feet used in addition to the normal foot:

  • No.10 for top stitching
  • No. 3A for buttonholes
  • No.70 for flat felled seams
  • No. 68 for hems

Mistakes made on this journey:

  •  Sewed sleeves on the wrong way round
  • Top stitching went wrong so had to unpick it
  • Sewed some of the buttonholes too small and had to unpick them


  • Managed to use my No.68 foot for hemming the shirts (I struggled with this foot in the past). 
  • Perfected my method for sewing my collars thanks to Margy posting a very useful tutorial on her blog.
  • Came 2nd in the PR contest (One Pattern many looks) - THANK YOU VERY MUCH IF YOU VOTED FOR ME
  • Learned how to perfect top stitching the points on the collars from an article in the Threads magazine
  • Embroidery in the yoke of each shirt culminating in 10/10 CC (= the last shirt that gets my beautiful bag) - Mike often says I am going to wear number 3 today or number 6 which I think is really funny.
We have chatted about which day we will go to Bond Street in London to purchase the bag, so it will be a week on Tuesday when we will be on vacation.  Now I will be in a panic about what I wear to walk into a Chanel boutique - oh the stress, does this mean another special Chanel shopping outfit.  I wonder if I can do any snoop shopping while I am in there.

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Catch you later......


  1. Congratulations on this achievement!!! You won't know what to do with your time now that these are all finished (ha,ha!!!)...
    ✿ Judy
    made by J

    1. Thank you Judy, as for what I do with my time, well I have a sewing list as long as my arm.

  2. Brava, Pauline! I've so enjoyed your journey!

    1. Thank you Margy, and thank you for your collar tutorial its now my favourite way of sewing my collars.

  3. Bravo Pauline for completing the 10 shirts. It has been fun to read about each shirt. What will you make next? A beautiful outfit to compliment Mike's shirt he will wear when you go shopping for the handbag?

    1. Thanks Ann, my next project hopefully will be a quick one, that cowl neck top. Yes I guess I should make him wear one of the shirts.

  4. What a journey! You finished a marathon here! Your well deserved prize must await you now.

  5. I waited until you were done to congratulate you. Wonderful shirts and what a wonderful marriage you have to make this fun trade. Enjoy your new bag!

  6. Congratulations Pauline, great achievement and beautiful shirts.

  7. That's for all the useful info about the process - it's interesting. Well done on completing your shirt odyssey. Time for you now.

    1. Thanks Ruth, however compared with my working day today which was a nightmare, the shirt-making was a breeze

  8. What a fabulous accomplishment Pauline! Congratulations on your success!