Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sharing sewing tips - tear-away stabiliser

This morning I read a great sewing tip which Bunny from La Sewista! posted about on her blog on how to sew a really narrow hem on difficult fabric using a tear-away stabiliser using Kenneth King's method - click the link above so you can read all about it yourself on her fabulous blog.

On a similar note I was lucky enough to get a copy of my Threads magazine before flying out to The Hague on Wednesday afternoon so it was perfect reading material for my flight - but I digress the bit you are probably interested in is the sewing tip for top-stitching the point of a collar.

As you know, as you get closer to the point of a collar, there is nothing to hold the collar in place, so you can easily wobble at that point edge. They suggest that you place a little piece of tearaway stabiliser under the point of the collar to ensure that the feed dogs have something to grip on to which stops the fabric from slipping, and allows you to maintain consistant topstitching .  This is of course not just restricted to the collar points, but any area where the foot is at a position that is no long gripped by the feed dogs.

Can you believe that after all the rain during our BBQ yesterday the sun is out today.  The weather is still very cool, cool enough for our central heating system to kick in because it fell below the desired temperature......... crazy July weather (come on summer we know you are there somewhere).

I am off on another business trip tonight so I am giving myself an nice start by browsing my blogs etc before heading off to London and then on to Cork in Ireland on a 7pm flight.  Its only a quick trip because I have long enough to get into the office at 9am tomorrow morning and then have to be back at the airport to catch my flight home around 12:30 lunchtime - oh the joy of business travel.

If I have time this morning I will cut out the remaining two shirts I have to do for Mike so I can work on them at the flat this week. I now have purchased my flat felled foot for my Viking Emerald (my old machine that I have at the flat) so I will be able to get on with them.

I hope you are having a good weekend.  Catch you later..............


  1. Thanks for the tip darling.. So much still to learn so little time

  2. Great tip, Pauline! Glad you enjoyed the K King post!

  3. Great tip Pauline. Thank you. Your life sounds so busy! I can't imagine how you find time to sew!