Thursday, 12 July 2012

What a manic week for me...........

Hi All.  This is a quick post to update you on a manic week for me.

  1. Sunday - dropped car off for a service and told them I would collect it Monday.
  2. Monday night - remembered I had forgotten to collect the car!
  3. Tuesday
    1. Woke at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep
    2. left earlier than normal for work - arriving on my bike hot a sweaty in my bright yellow cycle jacket
    3. My PA walks over to me with two visitors who had flown from Scotland to come and see me for the day (I forgot).
    4. My friend phoned and said "you still ok for the dinner and theatre tonight" - I had totally forgotten and had to make loads of calls to make sure Mike and I were there on time.
    5. Just before I left work I was asked to go to The Netherlands for a business trip the next day.
  4. Wednesday
    1. pack bike bag and take train back to nearest station to collect car
    2. get back to cottage to pack for business trip
    3. shower - few hours work - off to airport
    4. Arrive in The Netherlands around 7pm so had to go straight to a dinner so no time to check into the hotel
    5. Check-in to hotel at 11pm got an upgrade to the biggest 8 room suite I have ever seen but just needed to go to bed.
  5. Thursday
    1. 2 conference calls
    2. Meet Sigrid for lunch and to steal notions for bra making from her stash
      1. spent 20 minutes trying to find parking space -so only half hour for lunch.
      2. was delighted with what she brought for me THANK YOU
      3. had a nice lunch (just not long enough)
    3. Taxi late collecting me to go to the train station 
    4. flight delayed so arrived at 7pm instead of 6:40
    5. had to collect a play house that I purchased off ebay - too big for the car could only get half in the car (need to go back tomorrow)
    6. then drove to Ikea to buy parasol - take back wrong cabinet
    7. got home at 10:30 (no food since 12:30 with Sigrid).
    8. Read Ann's blog who has announced she had now lost 10lbs (congratulations to her) - let hope my lack of food today give me a push in the right direction for my diet.
    9. 11:30pm -  should have finished typing this and need to go to bed.
  6. Friday 
    1. Unload car (too tired tonight)
    2. collect other half of play house in lunch break
    3. finish a load of jobs for my boss
    4. shop for the BBQ food for Saturday
    5. Make a birthday cake for the grandchildren (Alana 2 and Elle 1)
  7. Saturday
    1. tidy house
    2. tidy garden
    3. get food made
    4. try and enjoy BBQ
  8. Sunday
    1. pack bags for next business trip later Sunday.

I hope you have had a better week than me.  Catch you later.....................


  1. Ohh dear.... So busy. Mine is busy of the study study

  2. Manic indeed, though short, it was so nice to see you yesterday.

  3. It sounds to me as if you have no time ever to sew, but you should lose weight just by all the running around you have to do! Meanwhile, it's my theory that busy often equals happy, so I hope you are enjoying your life.

  4. I really like that color on you, and to spot that pattern from the pictures is an amazing gift. I think you should send them your picture as an example of how that jacket should fit. Thanks for all the details of how you estimated ease, I struggle with that.