Saturday, 7 July 2012

Torch bearer video now working

Sorry to those interested enough to watch the video of the torch bearer  I was babysitting my DGD last night so didn't have a chance to see the comments that it wasn't working- I have now changed the setting from private to public so you should be able to play this now.

Here is little Alana who will be 2 on Tuesday - I can't believe how quickly the time has gone - above she is sitting on the step of my new porch.


  1. That was great fun to wathc, Pauline! Thank you!

    And Alana is super adorable

  2. It was great to watch the video Pauline. When our son ran, he wore a red and white track suit with a matching toque. We bought him red and white runners to wear.

    Love the yellow of your porch. It is sooo sunny looking.

    And, Alana is so adorable.