Monday, 30 July 2012

Looking back - last 6 months.

Where does the time go.  I can't believe that we are at the end of July tomorrow and it made me think what have I achieved this year?

Well I had a few items on my todo list:

  1. Make a Chanel style jacket
  2. Make a bra
  3. Make a pair of jeans
  4. Organise my pattern stash
Well I made Chanel style jackets in April and May, my test jacket and then the one I made from my Linton Tweed for my sister's wedding.

My bra making journey started when I visited Sigrid in The Netherlands in June, I have now made 4 in total, and for two of them matching briefs.

I uploaded a copy of the Bento software and now have all my current patterns listed on there - I just need to do my vintage patterns now.

So my last item on the list is to make a pair of jeans.  There are some great examples out there for me to glean inspiration from, and I signed up to Kenneth King's jean class so hopefully I will be in good shape when I get going.

I spent a little time gathering my sewing accomplishments together on a month by month basis and here is a reminder of June and July.

June was clearly a productive month with 6 shirts (including mine), two cardigans and a bra, and a pair of trousers for me, however July found my time occupied with many other things such as travelling for work, BBQ's, birthday parties, zoo trips etc., but I still have some items to show.

Two bra lingerie sets and two shirts (doesn't seem a lot compared with June).

Before I used to blog, I would make things and almost forget about them.  I often find myself looking back on my blog or PR to remind myself  of what I have sewn, and am always pleasantly  surprised.

Catch you later...............


  1. Very impressive, particularly the bra and shirt accomplishments!

  2. Busy BEE! You put us all to shame. LOL

  3. This is a nice method of reviewing all your sewing achievements. Lovely work.