Monday, 23 July 2012

Black and Pink Roses

Ok, this is a quick post.  Bra No.4 finished tonight.

This was some lace I purchased from ebay and I actually gave some to Sigrid because she kindly helped me out with all my notions I needed to complete this bra.

I love the rose pattern and I have quite a bit of the lace, enough to make another bra and probably 2 or more pairs of pants which is ideal.  There was one little problem with the width of the lace, in that I had to add a little fabric to the end of one or two pieces, but it doesn't show in the bra because it has been disguised in the seam allowances and the wire casing.

A nude coloured power net has been used for the stretch back, but really isn't a problem and doesn't show through.

The black stretch fabric is from my stash.  If I get time, I want to make the panties to go with this bra tomorrow and maybe cut out those last two shirts before I head off on another business trip this week lol.

Catch you later........


  1. A beautiful bra ,well done

    1. thanks Valerie - I am trying to keep these going, 1. because I do need some more bra and panties and 2. to make sure I am happy with the construction process.

  2. These just look soooooo expensive and exclusive - lucky you!!!

    ✿ Judith
    made by J

  3. These are so gorgeous and I applaud you for making this pattern up over and over. You will have every detail imprinted in your memory.

  4. Judith, Mary and Cal, thank you for your comments - my panties are part-constructed so I'll have another set. Another thing is that these are not a 2 day project for me but around 4-5 hours, so when time is short, I can make a bra and feel I have achieved something.

  5. What beautiful bras and panties you have been making. I really do like how the roses don't match on the front. Gives it an unique look.