Saturday, 28 July 2012

cowl neck top

I have cut out both shirts for my D Mike, so I plan on starting those today - I am going into mass production and going to try and sew them in tandem, however recently a few people have been making cowl neck tops, and I really want one.

Sigrid has made a few and here is the link to her blog showing the one she made, I also saw one of our advisors wearing one under her formal work suit, it was a deep coral colour teamed with a black suit - it looked very smart.  I had a look round on google and found a few to inspire me.

I don't have a pattern in my stash, but I have found a couple in my burda magazines, so time permitting I might see if I can squeeze a quick little top in for me too this weekend - no pressure lol

Happy sewing and catch you later.................


  1. I love cowl necks! Look forward to seeing yours.

  2. Looking forward to see your version. I love mine.