Sunday, 1 July 2012

No really productive sewing this weekend

I have had a very busy weekend, but sadly no sewing to talk of.

My son has been building my porch at the front of the house, and renovating my back one, and both back and front porch has been plastered inside and out so both need painting.  I managed to paint the front porch on the outside (nice shade of lemon) but I am still waiting for the plaster to dry on the inside, so I suspect this is a job for next weekend too.

I did look at all my patterns to try and find some inspiration for a party Mike and I had been invited to last night, but I took longer over my deliberations - then wandered up to my sewing room and decided it needed tidying up.  I then picked up a UFO (mint green shift dress) thought about it for a while.  Put it down and set to painting the porch as there was a break in the weather, and that killed 2.5 hours.  I did go back and pick up the UFO and managed to mark up and sew the darts, insert the zipper, sew up the side seams and attach the sleeves.  It was when I read "now repeat the same for the lining" that I decided that I really wasn't going to have time to finish the dress, have a shower, wash and dry my hair etc in the time I had left, so I just decided to jump in the shower and wear something else.

Sadly I didn't do much better today either.  Mike was up very early to go sailing again, too early after a party and a 100 mile drive home, and I decided to make good use of the time by clearing up all the stuff that had been dumped in the kitchen when the two porches were emptied.  I had planned to sew, so went to the supermarket as soon as they opened to buy food for dinner tonight and when I got back decided to do some work in the garden - I finished around 3pm and somehow felt just too tired to concentrate on any sewing, and I still had dinner to prepare so absolutely no sewing today..

So that is my weekend.  I hate it if I haven't finished any sewing projects, I sort of feel like I haven't achieved anything, but I guess that is the way things go.  Sewing is becoming addictive and I suffer withdrawal symptoms when I haven't completed anything... Still that's life - perhaps I'll cut out a shirt to take to the flat with me tomorrow and get those last two shirts made up :-)

Catch you later............


  1. We've been writing blog posts at the same time ;)
    Sometimes sewing is just not happening, enjoy the other things that have to be done too. I'm sure you will be enjoying the porches. Sewing will wait a little.

  2. Enjoy getting your porches fixed up. We are picking the last of the cherries today and they are to be given away to a family with 5 or 6 children. I sew when the Spousal Unit is up in the tree picking and then I help hand sort them.