Saturday, 14 July 2012

Birthday celebrations for our little girls

Mike and I each have a beautiful granddaughter and collectively currently have two grandchildren who both celebrate their birthday in July.

Alana was 2 on the 11th July and Ella will be 1 on the 21st July, so we decided to hold a BBQ to celebrate the event and invite the family over.   However the weather was not on our side - it rained and it rained and it rained and we had about 30 people over for the BBQ.  Thank goodness for an extra large parasol purchased especially for today and our trusty gazebo which has been our savour from the inclement English weather on more than one occasion.

Strange as it may seem, despite having lots of little gifts to open, Alana loved playing with the balloons that her mother blew up.

During the week I had been watching ebay to purchase the girls a little playhouse and I managed to win this on Thursday night.  Collecting it wasn't easy, took two trips in the car, but I have to say it was such a success - we couldn't get the kids out of it.

Here is Ella and Alana having so much fun.

It rained, it was wet, but it didn't stop us all having fun.

Needless to say, no sewing for me this weekend.

Catch you later............


  1. Times spent like this are worth not sewing...such adorable grandchildren....

    1. Doobee you are so right - it was a joy to watch them having fun

  2. Looks like fun. The kids look happy and so very cute!

  3. It looks like the grand children had fun despite the wet weather. We are having our first cool day today. Yesterday it was nearly 101F and today it is suppose to be 25F cooler.