Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Chanel Jacket journey - part 5

Do you get days where you want to go and sew, but for some reason you just can't get to the machine and do it.  I was like that Monday and Tuesday this week, which was really annoying as I wanted to get on, but just couldn't get motivated - I think all the weekend's activities wiped me out.

I had to do my 120 mile round trip to the office today (yuck) but forced myself upstairs to do just a little more work on the jacket, and quilted one front piece and one side front piece.  I looked at my copy of the Threads magazine issue 121 which gives quite a good article on "Inside Secrets of a Chanel Jacket", just to check that I was doing it right.  I think I am, well sort of.

Once the remaining pieces are quilted, I need to trim back the seams ready to hand stitch the lining pieces together - but that will be another day.

Progress on my quilting

My lining hasn't got a green tinge in the middle - its something weird with the lighting!!!

Catch you later....................


  1. Love how your jacket is coming along. When you quilt the lining, what are you quilting the lining to?

    Rejoice -- the gluing is done on the black dress. What a lot of work.

  2. The quilting looks very good. And I love the way you show your pictures in recent posts.
    And the darker trim is my favorite.

  3. Is looking great. I love quilting lining on jackets

  4. I love the feel of a quilted jacket and your quilting loooks terrific. I too like the dark trim.

  5. This looks great, Pauline. I prefer the darker trim as well. This will be lovely.

  6. Hi there, thanks for all your comments - Ann I am quilting the lining pieces to the jacket fashion fabric pieces.

    I think I prefer the darker trim too.