Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chanel Jacket No.2 - Completed

Yippeeee I've done it - completed my second Chanel style jacket using the wonderful Linton Tweed fabric and here it is complete with my own label (embroidered on my Janome 350e), and the Linton Tweed label given at the time of purchase....

I am sorry there isn't a photo of me modelling this at the moment, but my photographer is in Germany so this will have to be a job for the weekend, hopefully with my dress.

So what did I do different on this jacket?

  • Quilting was sewn 1.5" apart instead of 1".
  • I sewed the body seams and then blind stitched the lining before sewing the shoulder seams and blind stitching the lining.
  • I made the sleeve vent slightly longer than the first.
  • I put 4 smaller buttons on the sleeve vents
  • Didn't use a self trim
  • Put 4 pockets on instead of two smaller ones
  • I used silver chain and buttons instead of gold
  • Didn't have to dye my trim in tea.
The photos don't really do this jacket justice, I am taking a quick peek at it while typing this blog entry, and it truly does look as nice on the inside as it does on the outside.

These two jackets are the first garments I have made in quite a while where I haven't used my serger.  In fact it is fair to say that if you have a basic straight stitch sewing machine you could make one of these jackets, and the addition of a walking foot would assist with the quilting (but not 100% necessary).

If you are shy of hand sewing then this may not be the jacket for you.  Here is the list of hand sewn components:-
  • all internal lining seams
  • external trim
  • jacket edge to lining
  • buttons
  • pockets
  • chain weight
  • labels
In sewing/blog/forum land there are quite a few Chanel, or French style jackets being posted, so there must be something in the water at the moment.

Now I just need to get my dress made to go with the jacket for the wedding.  I think I will make a test one again - it can be used to be worn with the brown jacket but will give me an idea of the style I want to achieve.

I have also summarised the jacket construction techniques on Pattern Review here.

I confess here and now I have been surfing the net for Chanel jackets inspiration and have a few that I love and would like to make my own knock-off so watch this space......................


  1. That is one beautiful jacket, Pauline. If you're not careful, you'll outshine the bride at the wedding.

  2. Thia is abolutely gorgeous, exquisite craftmanship, you did an excellent job....I have a beautiful twill in my stash but am not sure if am ready for this challenge yet...

  3. Love it! Really wonderful work you did here. Love the silver buttons on the icy blue tweed. The four pockets are awesome too. Really nice job!

  4. Pauline, what a gem you have created. It looks like it will be yummy to wear too. Great job!

  5. This is a beautiful jacket Pauline , you must be so pleased with it. I love the whole thing from the fabric to the silver buttons.

  6. Gorgeous jacket, and I'm envying you for sewing two of these jackets in such a short time.
    Looking forward to see it with the dress.

  7. Thank you all so much for your comments, I really enjoyed making this so much. It has given me the incentive to do some more tailoring.

  8. What a wonderful jacket. You are going to look fabulous in it at the wedding.

  9. Wow! Simply gorgeous and very impressive. Looking forward to seeing the whole ensemble on you!

  10. How lovely! Such a beautifil labor of love.

  11. This is my favorite of the two Chanel type jackets you have made. I know how much work they are having made one myself. And you made two!

  12. This is beautiful, Pauline. Both jackets are so lovely.

  13. Wow, its so gorgeous! I am in love with your fabric and the trim looks fantastic!

  14. I am in awe of your lovely jacket. Wear it proudly!


  15. im so envy, this is gorgeous !!!!

  16. This is absolutely stunning, I just want to steal it from your wardrobe. I would like to try and make Chanel but I don't think I would come close to getting it as fantastic as yours. Love the colours

  17. This is absolutely stunning, I just want to steal it from your wardrobe. I would like to try and make Chanel but I don't think I would come close to getting it as fantastic as yours. Love the colours