Friday, 20 April 2012

Chanel Jacket progress - 90% finished - Part 8

Oh its getting exciting now because I have attached my fringe trim and tea dyed trim to the jacket edges.

As predicted the dye process was not an exact science.  Basically the first batch was made with one or two previously used teabags (well I have to keep to some of my thrifty roots) and the 2nd one with about 5.  As you can see we have two completely different colours.  It came out darker than you can see here, but when I sprayed it with some liquid soda it then turned the colour you see now.  Amazing what can happen.

For the fringe trim, I cut a 2" strip and machined down the middle with a zig zag stitch and then pulled out enough threads to create the fringe.

I laid the fringe trim to the jacket with the fringe towards the jacket and the cut edge along the edges of the jacket.  I then placed a purchased bias binding on the top and stitched it all the way round.

Trim back the excess fabric and then turn and press.  Next was a lot of hand sewing - I now needed to turn all the lining raw edges under and stitch them to the bias trim

Once all the hand sewing had been done you get this - I like the glimpse of gold running around the edge.

I decided to stitch the braided trim to the jacket before the sleeves were inserted, mainly because I was hand sewing last night.

Now it was time for the sleeves.  I added some interfacing to the sleep cap. and then used the old tie technique for gathering the sleeve cap.  I cut off a 12" strip and stretched this woven strip while stitching it to the sleeve cap, and then sewed the sleeve to the jacket making sure that I kept all the lining pieces clear.

More hand stitching was required to stich the sleeve lining pieces in.  I didn't bother quilting the sleeve lining - I really didn't see the point. To insert, I slipped the lining into the sleeve, and with the help of my ham, turned under 5/8" on the sleeve and pinned it to the body lining to get the above look.

The hem of the sleeve lining was turned up and then hand stitched into place.

With the sleeves in lining sewn this is where I have got to.

Below it is on Edna - the colours above are closer to the true colours my phone isn't too good in the dark.

I just have to sort out the loose threads that are floating around (where I unpicked), sew my chain on to the hem, but I have a question for you all. 

 Pockets or no pockets - I really want to get this as close to a Chanel jacket as I can.  The buttons may or may not be changed.......however don't forget this is my test jacket.  It 12:45am and far too late for me to concentrate now, but let me know what you think.

Catch you later............................


  1. For a trial jacket, this is looking amazing. I love what you did with the trim. What is liquid soda? I've tea dyed but never heard of this technique and would love to know. Thanks.

  2. Bunny, to be honest, I thought the tea had made the trim too dark so wanted to dilute the colour. I was going to use bleach but thought it would damage the fibres too much.

    The liquid soda was sitting on the kitchen sink so I used that. Basically it is just a liquid form of soda crystals. I did also put a small cap of ammonia in a bowl of water and dunked that too.

    No science at all .....