Saturday, 21 April 2012

Chanel Jacket No.2 - Part 1

Ok my lovely Readers,

My test jacket is done and dusted and no sooner had I sewn the last stitch yesterday, I cut into my lovely Linton Tweed before I lost the courage to do so.

This time round I saved quite a few steps.  I didn't have to cut out the paper pattern, tissue fit,  make a muslin and only then cut out my fashion fabric, I could take my modified paper pattern and get it cut out.

I cut out the jacket in the fashion fabric, the exact same pieces in the lining fabric and just for body of the jacket the interfacing.  I found my rotary cutter much quicker to use than scissors on both the lining and the interfacing.

Next step was to fuse the interfacing to each of the body pieces, and then picking up one of the techniques from my quilting course, I pinned each of the lining pieces to the corresponding body piece, marking one inch from the top and two inches from the bottom.  I used quite a few pins to keep the lining with the fabric so that it didn't move too much when quilting them with the walking foot.

Using the threads technique, I pulled both thread ends (bobbin thread and spool thread) to sandwich between the fabric and the lining, and knotted them off - top and bottom of the row of stitching.

Once that was done, I stitched all the side panels together leaving the shoulder seams free.

After pressing the seam I then trimmed the seam back to 1/4" ready to blind stich the lining seams together (this was a TV job tonight).

I have interfaced the sleeve head, and sewed the sleeve seams together - I have decided not to quilt the sleeves again.

And here are the results of my work today:

As you all know time is at a premium, so I need to try and finish this jacket by tomorrow.

  • Next job will be to sew shoulder seams, followed by blind stitching the lining in place.
  • Sew sleeve lining pieces together.
  • Finish sleeve vents and insert lining.
  • Attach sleeves to jacket, and blind stich lining pieces together.
  • Sew trim (to fringe or not to fringe), braid and bias tape to front of jacket, blind stitch lining to bias tape.
  • Make and add 4 pockets.

I am thinking of getting some covered buttons made so will send off the fabric on Monday, so I hope to have the buttons back before next weekend.

I feel like I am making progress - I am going to select my dress pattern tomorrow and will take that to the flat with me to tissue fit and make a muslin ready for next weekend's work.

Catch you later.................


  1. The progress on the jacket is wonderful. You are such a sewing whiz. It is going to look fabulous on you.

  2. What an ambitious project to take on! This is coming along very nicely. The Linton tweed is just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed jacket!

  3. Well done - that is certainly a lot of progress made. Lovely work.