Friday, 6 April 2012

Chanel Jacket - P's journey (test jacket) - 3

I feel like I have a ticking time bomb hanging over my head because I need to finish my test Chanel jacket so I can be brave enough to put scissors to cloth and make up some of my beautiful Linton Tweed fabric.

Before I continue please ignore some of the lay-out of this posting I am experimenting with Adobe and its too late for me to concentrate.  I hope to improve, so apologies.

Back to my post.  In my first Chanel jacket post I had cut my calico muslin, made a couple of adjustments for a FBA, and made the same adjustment on my pattern pieces (front piece only).

I looked in my stash for some fabric that would be similar to the Linton Tweed fabric, with a fairly open tweed and found this nice multi-coloured tweed.

I am using  Burda 7934 pattern for my jacket but this pattern doesn't have a sleeve vent, so using the instructions from "Jackets for Real People" I made my own vents as follows:-

Sew the two sleeve pieces together and then get ready to create your mitred sleeve vent.

Unfold and draw a line connecting the snips and the corner intersection of the hem and the vent fold lines as follows:-

Now turn to the right side, pinching the points between your forefinger and thumb and push corners out gently (use a point turner if necessary) and press again.

You should now have the perfect mitred corner - this works really well.

The only thing I would differently when I make my blue wedding jacket will be to make a deeper hem for the sleeve, thus giving a longer vent, but this is fine for this jacket.

I am not sure what trim I will use - I love this vintage trim that I have had for about 30 years or so, and may even use it for my blue Linton Fabric (not sure yet) - I just placed these here to give you an idea.

I am sure there are some of you out there thinking why start with the sleeve?  Well to be honest I made the adjustment on the pattern, cut out the sleeves in the fashion fabric and sort of got carried away.

Tomorrow I want to sew the back, side and front pieces together and the 2nd sleeve.  If I get a chance I may quickly run to the shops and see if I can find some trim - If I get going on this I want to try and finish it by Monday and all the shops will be shut.

We have had the most beautiful day here today, not as predicted, I hope you are all having fun if today was a bank holiday for you too.

Catch you later................


  1. Great tutorial... I'm dying to see the blue version...

  2. Great tutorial. Can hardly wait to see you jacket.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Nice work on the sleeve - it's these little things that make the difference. Show us a pic of the Linton or is it a big reveal later?

  4. Hi Ruth this is the link to my Linton Tweed fabrics so the only big reveal is with the finished jacket

  5. Your "muslin" tweed is gorgeous. I take it on this muslin you aren't doing any quilting or such. Just curious. I think your muslin is going to be quite special. Great tute on the miter. Thanks.

  6. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...