Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Weight Loss Monday's - grim

Oh dear, well I guess Easter weekend, chocolate and parties do not = weight loss, I have gained a pound boo hoo but it could have been worse.

I currently have my running machine in an external building outside, but I want to bring it into the house, in fact into my office, so that when I am working at home I can take my breaks on the treadmill.

If I can do 10 minutes before work, 10 minutes mid morning, 10 minutes lunchtime, 10 minutes in the afternoon and 20 minutes after work, that will equate to 1 hours running a day, and will certainly help me shift the weight - I will only do the running on Monday and Friday when I work from home, and try and do some at the weekend too, other days I will be either walking or on my bike.

My D Mike and I tried to move this machine on Saturday, but despite the fact that I am not meant to be lifting heavy things, we got to the door and it was clearly too large to get through the door, and I couldn't remember how we did it before (I suspect the control panel came off somehow).  We left it until we could get some strong boys to help, but that didn't materialise either, so will have to give it another thought.

This is now serious - I have 6 weeks to lose 12lbs which is now 2lbs a week so this is putting the pressure on me somewhat.  Think this needs to be a week of cutting out the carbs.

Wish me luck.

Hope you all had a good Easter break and didn't fall off the wagon like me.

Catch you later.................


  1. Today is my weigh in day and i'm so frustrated with the result. i just feel like i want to binge to release my frustration. anyway, i wish u the very best of luck.i'll come back later to see ur performance for my own inspiration. :)


  2. Honeybee, good luck with your weigh-in. You know I was frightened of standing on the scales as I knew I must have put on weight - we are all so hard on ourselves aren't we/

    Keep each other motivated.

  3. Mine is creeping down towards the low weight I had but stress does not equal weight loss. I did work outside most of yesterday in the yard so hope that shows up on the scale tomorrow.

  4. Good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow Ann