Thursday, 12 April 2012

ebay & the Theatre - The War Horse

I have been a little distracted lately because having decorated my lounge last Easter, and replaced the mattress on my bed with with a memory foam mattress I had a few very large items being stored in my outbuilding that I wasn't going to use.

Over Easter ebay were doing a free listing, so I decided to give it a whirl and pleased to say that I sold my mattress and very large coffee table last night, and have my old hearth fire waiting for bids this morning.  The problem with ebay selling or buying is that you are constantly looking at the site to see progress - its like looking at your blog for comments ha ha.  This is also partially the reason for a lack of sewing last night because I wanted to watch the count-down.  Still I am sure I can find something useful to put the funds too..................

Tonight we are off to the Theatre to see the much acclaimed War Horse at the New London Theatre.

We booked this months ago, and this is the length of time we had to wait to get these tickets because its a complete sell out.  Everyone who has seen this play told me that within minutes you forget that these are puppets on stage, and to take a big box of tissues with you too.

I hope you all have a good day, catch you later.........................


  1. I'm terrified of eBay.. If I want something I don't want to try to get it.. I want to get now lol

  2. Rachel, I have bought quite a few things off ebay - normally those items that are new with the buy-it-now price, but I have also bought some lovely shoes too that have never been worn so its worth a go. Got a bid on my fire so that should also sell in the next half hour - happy days. Hope your studying is going well.

  3. So glad that you got your items sold on ebay. I have used it in the past to buy crystals, ultra suede, and appliques. Usually go the buy-it-now route but have used make-an-offer and bidding. Haven't sold on ebay though.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at the play and do remember your tissues. Heard it is a real tear jerker.